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Sublimation Blanks By 4 Tees


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one on one consultations with me.  ONE WHOLE HOUR to   Pick my brain about anything.  

* Showing you how to create email marketing from your website. 

  *Questions about WIX/ shopifiy online store

*Help with pricing

*Help with Canva questions

*Help with making Coupons

*Showing you were to add customers in your online stores  

even if it is not one the list I can help.  just make sure you have at least three things you need answers too.  


***A zoom link will be sent to you. Please be mindful when scheduling your time.  I will wait for 10 minutes before we have to reschedule.   a rescheduling fee will be charged of $10.00 that must be paid when rescheduling.   



I'm here for you to answer any and all questions you have.   To help you along in your business.   To stop you from making the same mistakes I have already made